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I know it has been a long time and I bet there are very few people that were that worried, but I am back.  Life in the aviary has gone on just fine, but life in the rest of the house was turned over a few months ago.  I am now on my own and trying to work, finish my last semester of college and tend to the birds by myself.


But enough of that!  Let’s get to the real issues at hand!


There have been a few new additions to the flock since I last updated.  Pele has been joined by a beautiful male Budgie by the name of Sammy.  He is a Recessive Pied Cobalt Opaline Type 2 Yellowface.  When they are old enough, I hope to get some beautiful babies from the pair of them, since Pele is a Violet Spangle Opaline Type 2 Yellowface.  Because Yellowface is still somewhat of a mystery as far as modes of inheritance, I am very excited to see what sort of Blue I can get from combining two Type 2 Yellowfaces together.  I may get all Type 2’s, Type 1’s or plain Blues or I may get a combination of the three.

Here is Sammy:

I have also adopted a great little Pied male Cockatiel from a gentleman who could no longer keep him.  He was originally found in a garden, but after searching for his real owners to no avail, the man decided to keep him.  The Tiel is approximately 11 years old, give or take a year.  His name was Mr. Byrd, but I have generously named him His Royal Highness Mr. Byrd Byrdington Esquire the Third.

Mr. Byrd:

I also just recently took in a flock of 10 Peachface Lovebirds, some named and some not.  They include:

Medium Dutch Blue Violet female/ Medium Whitefaced Blue DF Violet split to Am. Cinn. male (Nefertiti and Tut)

Green Pied female/Medium Green Pied split to Blue male (yet to be named)

Medium Seagreen Violet female/ American Cinnamon Pied split to WF Blue male (Pebbles and Bam Bam)

Medium Seagreen Violet female/ Dark Seagreen Pied male (Speedy and Spunky)

American Cinnamon female/ Whitefaced Blue Pied split to Am Cinn. male (Skittles and CeCe)

Pics will be added when they are done with quarantine.


I wanted to thank everyone who attended the Brainerd Bird Sale yesterday. It was a very good sale, I met many people and got to laugh a lot. I especially want to thank everyone who has supported my aviary by purchasing birds, toys, and gifts from me or have been there for advice or just listen to my rambling.

Yesterday at the sale, I met Angie from Sunny Hollow Aviaries in Minneapolis, MN. She breeds American Budgies and makes bird toys. She just launched her new toy website and I wish her great success! She was very nice and I can tell she cares a lot about what she does. Please support caring hobby breeders instead of pet stores. You can find tamer, sweeter babies from many more breeders than pet stores.

If you would like to check out Angie’s website, please visit it here:

The Parrotlet baby Froggie found a home in Longville with Mary. He went with his fleece and cotton ring swing, which he slept on every night. He will have a great home with Mary!

I received an overwhelming amount of interest in the male Lovebird babies I am handfeeding right now, though I only have one serious potential new owner. I am taking deposits now for 3 babies- 1 Seagreen American Cinnamon Violet female, 1 Normal Green male (split to WF Blue, Australian and American Cinnamon), and one male who looks to be a Normal green (Split to Blue, and possibly Australian and American Cinnamon). Deposits to hold are $20, delivery fee may be added depending on location.

BareFoot Aviary would like to formally announce the arrival of Isis and Osiris’ first baby girl!

Yesterday, the first baby girl from Isis and Osiris hatched. She is an Australian Cinnnamon. I don’t know yet if she is Seagreen, Dutch Blue or Whitefaced Blue, but if she is the last, I will be keeping her for future breeding, though she will remain a wonderful pet her entire life.

I’m still waiting for the Parrotlet babies to hatch, but that should happen very soon.

Sunday (tomorrow) is the Brainerd Bird Sale and hopefully if the roads are good after this snow storm, I will be going. There will be many vendors from around Minnesota and I believe South Dakota. We are expecting to see birds from Finches to Macaws, adults and babies. I will be bringing my Lovebird babies that I am handfeeding and will be taking deposits on them and I will be bringing the Parrotlet baby to sell if I do not receive a deposit from interested parties beforehand.

I know it has been awhile. I’ve been rather busy with babies to feed, my job, and school work. But there is news from the bird room!

The Parrotlet’s baby is doing great, it is a little green boy which I have named Froggie since he was born on Leap Day. He is still available for deposit.

The Parrotlets are back on 3 fertile eggs, hopefully they will all hatch this time and we will get at least one American Yellow. They are due to hatch in about 1 week or so.

The Lovebirds are feeling spring fever right now.

I am handfeeding 3 babies from Freya and Loki and apparently they heard my call for green pieds, but forgot the “pied” part! They had 2 normal green males, 1 is a Medium Green Violet and the other is a Normal Green (no dark factors, no Violet factors). The 3rd baby is a Seagreen American Cinnamon Violet female. I am also handfeeding the first baby from Yin and Seible, he is a Normal Green, though he may have a violet or dark factor.

Rowan and Fletcher are back on eggs, 2 are looking fertile, but again, I don’t know if they will hatch. I do hope they do.

Isis and Osiris are on 2 fertile eggs. These babies are always so beautiful, but Isis and Osiris seem to have a hard time hatching them and keeping them alive. I am hoping that is because they are young and that maybe this time they will be just fine.

My rescues, Sunny and Marvin look to have one fertile egg, and I will be leaving it with them this time.

The Caiques, Dweezel and Zorro are back on eggs as well. I took their box down and moved them into a different cage, but I saw Zorro with an “egg-bum” (about to lay an egg) so I gave her back the box so she didn’t become egg-bound. This time they have 5 eggs and are much more aggressive.

The only baby from the Parrotlets has been pulled tonight for handfeeding. He looks to be a green, though I still do not know what sex. He is small for his age and I’m hoping he will start to grow and soon be caught up with what he should be. He was banded a few days ago and so far it looks like I got in on right on time!

All of the Lovebirds are on eggs, though sadly, I don’t think any of the eggs from Fletcher and Rowan will hatch. Their expected hatch date was a couple of days ago and I do not see any signs of hatching. I have started the humidifier back up, fearing the dry air may be a cause for concern.

Freya and Loki are on 6 fertile eggs right now, but one may have stopped developing. That still means there should be 5 babies that will start to arrive this weekend or so. I am hoping for some normal green Pieds, green American Cinnamons and at least one green SplitCinnamino.

Yin and Seible had eggs but they were not fertile or at least did not hatch. I took away all but one and then added a foster egg from my rescue pair. They are still sitting on the foster egg (which is looking good so far) and they have laid 5 more eggs of their own, one being fertile for sure.

Isis and Osiris are still sitting on only 3 eggs and only one looks good, though I am not counting on it hatching. When we move, I will be taking their box away and letting them rest for at least a month or so and we will try again.

The Caiques are still sitting on their 4 eggs, but they are starting to get tired of sitting on them. They have been coming out everyday now again and today they got their beaks and nails trimmed. They also got serenaded by my boyfriend while he was playing his viola to some Irish tunes.

Well, unfortunately the second Parrotlet baby passed away because the parents stopped feeding it and the third baby never hatched, which I believe may have been due to such low humidity in the house. Baby number 1 is doing great though and I will be banding him shortly and then pulling him for handfeeding. There are already 2 people waiting for this baby- the first person on the list and someone in case the first person decides not to get the baby.

Freya and Loki, one of my Lovebird pairs, look to have 6 fertile eggs and if they all hatch, it will be the largest clutch they have ever had.

Rowan and Fletcher have 3 fertile eggs and if they hatch, it should be any day now.

Isis and Osiris have 3 eggs but it looks like only one may be fertile as of yet though it is hard to tell.

Yin and Seible’s egg that was looking fertile stopped developing but they are fostering a fertile egg from my rescue pair (Sunny and Marvin). This rescue pair has never laid a fertile egg in the many clutches they have laid at their previous home, so it was a complete surprise. I put it under Seible and Yin so that Sunny and Marvin do not waste energy trying to raise a baby.

So on Sunday, I had a great family come over and pick up my last little Lovebird I had available.  They named her Baby, which is great because I call all of the babies I handfeed “Baby” until their new parents name them (like little Julius who is sitting in my sweater right now while I try to bond a little with him).

The weekend of the Stillwater sale, I was going to be picking up a special little female Lovebird.  A little handicapped American Cinnamon girl who was going to be roommates with my little handicapped boy Shamus.  Unfortunately, I got the news a couple of days ago that she sadly passed away.  So now I am on the lookout for another handicapped Lovebird in need.  Thankfully there are not too many handicapped Lovebirds in need, but I hope that one day I will find the right friend for Shamus.  I may even be willing to get a non-handicapped girl for him if I can find the right one.

Being the start of spring, the Lovebirds have all decided to nest at once.

Freya and Loki are back on eggs.  They have at least 2 now, and I am hoping for at least one normal green and one green pied, though the chances of that are rather slim.

Isis and Osiris are either on one egg or still trying to lay it. Unfortunately, the last clutch from Isis and Osiris did not hatch so I am hoping this clutch makes it. They have such beautiful babies!

My new girl Rowan has taken it upon herself to lay eggs as well, which was a concern of mine being she is so young. Now that she has laid eggs, I am not going to be able to prevent her from laying more this time, but so far she seems to be doing it well. Her mate Fletcher is taking great care of her, feeding her, protecting their cage, and just being a great father-to-be. After this clutch, they will be resting for at least 4 months so she doesn’t get stressed out or malnourished.

Seible and his girl Yin are on 4 eggs, though only one looks fertile and I don’t know if it will hatch. It seems to have stopped developing, which would be common for a young male and first time female. Seible is still young, though Yin is at least 3 now.

With this boom in babies (maybe), I may be lowering my prices for this spring season. I hope to not always have this many birds nesting at a time, though they do tend to like to nest all at the same time. If this keeps up, I may lower my prices indefinitely on Lovebirds, but this is just a guess, maybe a little too early to even think about. I could potentially have 12 babies this spring, but we will come to that when we do.

I still have one baby waiting for her new home, my little Seagreen American Cinnamon Pied Violet female. She is such a sweetie. She flies to me for snuggles and to sleep in my shirt. She also loves to give kisses and would make a great first Lovebird for any family/person. I have lowered her price until March 9th to $70 with free delivery (within reason) from $80 plus delivery fee. If you are interested in her, please email me.

I write this with a heavy heart. Baby Re has passed away.  I could barely sleep last night so I am up early this morning. Yesterday I heard a horrible noise from the bird room so I rushed in to find Baby Re getting attacked by Zorro. I yelled at Zorro and she stopped. Baby Re was alive, but in shock. Shamus also got attacked but he got away with just a chunk taken out of his toe.

I took Baby Re out and cuddled her and since there were no obvious wounds, I thought she was alright (despite a hurt foot). She was not bleeding, but she was wheezing. At first I thought, “She must have a punctured lung” but then after she calmed down, she stopped wheezing so bad, so I thought maybe she had gotten her crop squeezed and had aspirated a little. I put her in a hospital tank with some heat and food and water. I had 2 hours before I went to work. I watched her the whole time and she didn’t get worse or get better.

I had to leave for work (I would have called in but it was my third day only) and I just prayed she would be better when I got home. So after work I went straight home and she was still in the same condition, no worse and no better. She was still wheezing, but the same amount. I didn’t even take off my coat, scarf or hat, I opened the tank and picked her up. She automatically jumped onto my shoulder and I could tell she wanted to go back in the bird room with her family so I made my way down the hall. I got just in front of the door and she either had a seizure, lost balance, or just freaked out and she fell to the ground. I picked her up and headed back into the kitchen to put her back in the hospital tank. I then noticed she had one of her legs stiff so I knew it was time. And right them she died in my hands.

I know I am so stupid for again thinking that I had solved the problem between the Caiques and the Lovebirds. This is the last bird that has this fate, I promise myself, my birds, and all of you. I just want to kick myself in the face for this. I know it was all my fault. It is almost as if you love them too much and that is why they have to go.

There will be no “out of cage time” without direct supervision. We are moving in a few months (well, hopefully in April or so) and when we do, the Caiques will be nowhere near the Lovebirds. If we do not move like planned (if we cannot sell our current home right away), I will move the Caiques out of the bird room, but right now I can’t. With them on eggs, I can’t move the cage. Moving the cage consists of taking it apart and I can’t do that when they are this nesty.

I will be adding pictures here of Baby Re later today.

So you may have noticed from my website (if any of my readers go there…) that I have labeled another of my babies as “ON HOLD.” The youngest baby, the Medium Seagreen SplitCinnamino Violet male is now on hold pending deposit.

That means that there is only one baby left, the only female in the clutch. She is a little shy but still loves to cuddle and fly around the room.

In other Lovebird news, my “temporary” pair (the male’s status in my flock is still up in the air, he may go back home still in the coming months/weeks) have been mating and there is one egg in the nest box. I do not know yet if it is fertile but I will be checking it in the upcoming week. If it is fertile, and all goes well, this pair could have Australian Cinnamon and American Cinnamon females and if my female is split to blue, we may get some blue series babies! I am very excited to see if and what they produce.

There is a picture of this pair in my first post (Yin and Seible).

The other pairs are taking a break for a bit. They could go back to nest within the next month or so.

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